Kansas Contractors Association

The Kansas Contractors Association is a professional association of contractors and those who provide supplies and services to the heavy, highway and utility construction industry.   Working together, our members promote a better industry by advancing their level of skill,  integrity and responsibility while improving the quality of life in our communities. 

KCA is a proud member of

Political Action Services

The Kansas Contractors Association-Political Action Committee (KCA-PAC) is at the forefront of the association's political action services. 

The KCA-PAC has been for the past 20 years one of the ten biggest (in funds raised and distributed) in the state. 

The KCA Legislative Committee, with input from politically-influential members, determines which legislators are friends of the industry, and business-oriented, and therefore should receive KCA-PAC contributions for their election and term expenses. 

The association also develops a voting record of legislators on key issues affecting the industry, to use as a guide of those supporting the industry. 

Members and staff attend fund raisers of industry friends, and maintain a strong presence at the Statehouse, where the association is well respected and considered the spokesperson for the heavy, highway and utility construction industry. 

Kansas Contractors Association, Inc.
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Kansas Contractors Association,  Inc.  is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization.

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