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The Kansas Contractors Association (KCA) is the recognized leader of the heavy construction industry in the state of Kansas. Since 1923, this statewide chapter of the AGC of America has provided services to its members in such areas as legislation, governmental regulations, on-the-job training, liaison with awarding authorities, project information and numerous other services. The Kansas Contractors Association brings strength and unity to association members and serves as the “watchdog” while striving to protect and preserve the livelihood of the heavy, highway and utility construction industry.

As the construction industry grows more complex, a company finds it must be an expert in a wide range of fields. Most do not have the resources or personnel to act independently in all of these areas, and even those that do find it easier and more economical to rely on the Kansas Contractors Association. The KCA is a powerful and effective spokesperson for its members. Our Political Action Committee ranks among the top 5 in the state of Kansas allowing us to gain the attention of elected officials. The Topeka location of the association office allows convenient access to state and federal officials to solve problems encountered by KCA members.

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