Construction Industry Training
Intro to the CIT Program: A KDOT/KCA Partnership
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The Kansas Contractors Association (KCA) has developed a partnering agreement with the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) to offer a variety of craft-worker training courses to improve the skills of the workers who build roads and bridges.
Having a skilled workforce is essential for providing a quality transportation system and for allowing continued economic growth in Kansas. With this in mind, KDOT and KCA announced a new training program during the Spring of 2007. The program will enhance the opportunities of Kansas workers and develop a safer, more skilled workforce to serve the state’s transportation needs.

KDOT oversees the program’s curriculum and makes tuition available to all contractors and sub-contractors that won KDOT bids in the previous year. KCA—under the direction of the KCA Training and Advisory Council—provides the instructors, facilities, materials, and administration to organize the courses held all across the state.

The program is designed to give construction workers the additional skills they need for career advancement which, in turn, should increase the construction industry’s retention rates. The program will also generate public awareness to attract new workers to the industry. One priority is to increase the number of women and minority workers participating in training and the industry. During the first 6 months, KCA saw a 22% minority participation exceeding the 10% participation goal.

This program provides an excellent
opportunity to partner with KDOT, enhance the skills of your workforce and demonstrate your commitment to employee development and retention. Call KCA today to schedule your training.

For information or to determine your eligibility for free training contact:

Wanda Tidball
CIT Coordinator
Kansas Contractors Association
800 SW Jackson Street, Suite 100
Topeka KS 66612
785-266-4152 (Office)
785-409 3915 (Cell)